Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Back Again =']

Loo is back and she will be using Lani09 but so will Jazz


Sunday, 24 April 2011

R.I.P Loo We Will Never Forget You :'(

Loo got banned forever earlier this month... she was a great friend and even though she quit CP we will never forget her <3
R.I.P Hloo90
Another friend....
Lost. Gone.
We miss you Loo :'(

Dan, Butter and Bag


Saturday, 23 April 2011

100 SUBS!

Hey guys,
On youtube I got 100 subs! So I may have a sub party when I get 111 subs, mkay? I'll post my first party notice on twitter then youtube but first of all here!
Thank you subscribers!
Las X

Drama On The Ship!

Go to RH's ship...NOW!!! lmao on abominable

My Family On CP

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Pencal1, Cutey and Z

This is Z.
This is Cutey. Cutey is a Moon Princess and one of the heirs of the Moon Throne.

This is Pencal1, or Pen as we call him. He is one of the five leaders of The Wolves Are Back.

Me and friends

Lmao this is my penguin...
Lmao I'm also the boss of the wolves are back the robber group because Kanebjj1 quit last year :'(


This is my bff, Jazz XD Watch out for her on club penguin, Okay??

Friday, 22 April 2011

Drama...Drama....two guesses at what comes next.... DRAMA

Hey guys, Las here!
As you know... Club Penguin is inhabited by: Preps, Bai Bees, Non members, Igloo Makers, Igloo Visitors, Black Hoodied Awesome People That Will Rule The Island (In Due Course!), Evil Geniuses That Plot To Attack Black Hoodied People, Etc.
Anyway the bai bees and preps get on allot of peoples nerves, so ignore them and get on with eating new friends okay? Good.
Anyway just get on with your lives on club penguin okay?
Thanks for listening,
Las x

Awesome Time's

Hey Guys!
Las here, basically I'll post things on here, daily about things and from the Abominable Group. I Lassie64 (Las) am on YouTube as well so check Lassxxxx out okay?
Post more soon!
Las x